Friday, April 13, 2012

Am I a Man or am I a Muppet?

Our girls really enjoyed the recently released Muppet movie and are especially fond of Jason Siegel's song from the movie "Am I a Man? Or am I a Muppet?" 

I found myself singing this to myself today as I took the decision to not run in tomorrow's Cary Road Race 10K......        Did I make a sensible decision or am I a giant wuss?

As documented in yesterday's blog post, I have been experiencing some lower back pain and also turned my ankle during a run.    Today I went for a short "test run" to see how things felt.   I had absolutely no problem running at a slow to moderate pace, but as soon as I took it up to race pace my back started to give me some discomfort.

I fretted a little about what to do, but in the end I decided not to run the 10K.   I think I could probably have run the course at a moderate pace without too much problem, but I really didn't see much point in going out and just running the distance - I can do that at home - I want to race!   On top of that, of course, there's always the chance that I could aggrevate things, so discretion is the best part of valor!  

A good decision?   I think so (and The Puppeteer agrees)....    maybe not all that manly, but I'm not a  Muppet either.   If I was, I would probably be this guy....

Wocka, wocka, wocka!

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