Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Laxative for the Brain!

1lax·a·tive     adj.     \ˈlak-sə-tiv\

Definition: having a tendency to loosen or relax; specifically : producing bowel movements and relieving constipation
Origin:  Middle English laxatif, from Medieval Latin laxativus, from Latin laxatus, past participle of laxare to loosen, from laxus.   First Known Use: 14th century

"To loosen or relax".......   yes, my brain really needed a little loosening and relaxing earlier today.  As detailed in my previous post, it has already been a week from hell.  Our house looks like a bomb site:  holes in walls and ceilings; torn-up carpet; bathroom vanity ripped out; doors of hinges - just a mess!   We have had contractors in and out all day (on top of a contractor who was already scheduled to do some tiling in our sun room!); insurance adjusters; remediation guys.   Phone is ringing off-the-hook.   Work is crazy (6 am call with Europe; legal negotiations).  And, on top of all of this, our eldest daughter (whose 11th birthday is tomorrow) is off school with a horrible cough and fever!

Make it stop!   My brain is full and is going to explode!

I guess the only potential blessing is that I certainly haven't had the opportunity to worry too much about my 70.3 race this coming weekend.

Today The Puppeteer had scheduled a six mile run with the pace increasing every two miles.  Really the only time I had to fit it in (I had a swim scheduled as well!) was late morning into lunch time.   I had to rush to get ready and was a bit flustered when I headed out into a cold misty rain and turned into the countryside of eastern Durham county.   Nice and easy for the first two miles....    left, right, left, right....   ah, that's a nice rhythm up the first hill....   seem to be moving well....   I wonder if the wild turkey will be on Kemp Road today?.....      Before I knew it I was in cruise control and my troubles seemed to just fall away.  The rain felt good; I noticed honeysuckle bloosoms (is that normal for October?); a horse ran in the field beside me; I watched a crow chasing off a hawk; damn it I felt good!   I duly finished the run as prescribed, with the final mile a nice steady and controlled 8:03 pace.   I needed that!

I hope that I can capture that feeling during my 13.1 miles of running on Sunday.   Yes, it's amazing how running really can be a laxative for the brain!

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