Friday, January 27, 2012

Man Flu...

Not just back to the blog for a new post, but also finally feeling ready to start some light training again after an awful week!

I have had horrible "flu like" symptoms.  Fever, aches, pains, shivers, sore throat, cough, congestion...ugh!   It was a really nasty one.   I'm pretty sure that it wasn't actually the flu - in my experience people throw the term around far too loosely.  If you've ever really had the flu you'll know what I mean!   If you have the flu there's no way you can be up and about, so it wasn't the flu because, unfortunately, I had a ton of work to do with some important deadlines and no one to delegate to, so I had to do my best to work every day (at home - there's no way I could or would have gone in to the office).  Could never have done that with the flu. No resk for the wicked apparently!

I guess it must have been....  "the Man Flu"!

SWMBO had the same lurgy last week and, no doubt, I caught it from her, but I probably didn't help my own cause when I set out for a 50 mile ride early last Sunday in freezing mist.  The temp. was 30 F when I left home and pretty soon there were small ice pellets on my helmet and glasses and I was drenched and oh so cold....   so much for that ride - I turned around after 8.5 miles and rode home again.   I was going to make up the distance on the trainer in front of the NFL playoffs that afternoon, but that's when it hit and there was just no way....

What really pissed me off was not being able to work out.   I guess what they say about endorphins is true.  I even missed my swim workouts, and that's saying something.  I'm especially bummed as I was going to have a pool session with The Pupeteer and The Snitch at Homestead in Chapel Hill yesterday, but there was just no way....   Missing almost a weeks worth of workouts is not the way I wanted to start the New Year!

I woke up this morning finally feeling a little more myself.  Fever subsided and congestion clearing.  It was soooo nice to finally get outside and get some fresh air as I went for a 55 minute walk around the neighborhood - it felt as if I had been released from a dungeon.  Of course it didn't hurt that it was sunny and 68 F in late January!

OK, I'm back!   TRX and a 30 min run tomorrow and a "gentle" (The Pupeteer's word, not mine) two hour ride on Sunday will hopefully get me feeling much better!

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