Saturday, January 7, 2012

2011 Stats

So, for fun this morning I took a look at my training totals for 2011 in Training Peaks.   These numbers are a little underestimated as not all workouts and races were logged in Training Peaks (although the vast majority were).

Here goes:

Swim:   53,800 yards.     55.84 hours
Bike:     1,830.6 miles   112.27 hours
Run:      562.83 miles    104.32 hours

On top of this there are core workouts, TRX sessions, walks etc.
No wonder I'm tired!

Looking forward to seeing these numbers go up this year!   Can't imagine what the equivalent numbers look like for those crazy enough to train for the full Ironman distance!  (Yes, that's you Compass!)


  1. Nice numbers Roger! Good luck with your training this year and thanks for using TrainingPeaks!

  2. Thanks David! Really enjoyed my first full year and am looking forward to ramping it up in 2012. Now if only I could find a way to stop work getting in the way!
    TrainingPeaks is a wonderul tool!