Friday, November 2, 2012

OBX Half Marathon - Deja Vu

Ugh....   it has happened again!   What is it about this time of year?

My last race of the season is the Outer Banks Half Marathon on November 11th.   I'm treating it as an end-of-season jaunt but, never-the-less, thought that I probably had a personal best in me after my training for the 70.3 triathlon (which I still need to write a race report for!).

Not sure that will be possible now as I just did a light spin on the bike trainer - my first workout for a week - and I feel as if I have just pedaled up Alp d'Huez!  

Just like last year at about this time, I seem to have picked-up some sort of bug (or, more likely, a virus).  It started with our eldest daughter and then She Who Must Be Obeyed was knocked out by it over Fall Break.  Trouble breathing, the chills, aches, a cough and it seems to be a tough one to shake - I know several others suffering the same malaise locally.   The really annoying thing is that it's enough to make you feel like crap (and stop working out), but it's not quite enough to stop you working (at home), so for the past week I feel as if I have been fighting it, but getting nowhere, while still having to take calls, attend conference calls, review legal agreements and deal with other people's crap (as usual!).

Fingers crossed that I can get out for a few runs next week, otherwise November 11th may be ugly!

"come on, we can finish this in under six hours!"

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