Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Cough, splutter, wheeze.....

Cough, splutter, wheeze......     this doesn't only describe the way I have sounded until fairly recently because of the nasty bug that has been going around (and which is really difficult to shake off!) but it also fairly accurately describes my attempts to get back into some sort of rhythm with my off-season training.   I manage a day or two and then something seems to come-up that gets in the way....   sick wife; work travel; construction going on at the house; general holiday season stuff; visiting in-laws....    the list goes on!

Still trying to get in my core strength and flexibility routines; have managed the occasional run; one decent bike ride with Fratboy and Compass and no swimming at all!  Yeah, I know, suck it up buttercup, HTFU and get your ass in gear! 

I guess I shouldn't be too hard on myself - I do need some rest and now is the time to get it in, but somehow I feel as if I am being forced into it instead of planning and controlling it.   I will need to step it up in December or by the time "real" training starts again in the New Year I am going to be a complete mess.

There are a few positives though.....  

I have (for a change) been able to stay on top of "fall tidy-up" in the yard.   Those long hours of raking, hoeing (sp?), mowing, blowing, tilling and digging must count for something, right?

As you can see in the picture of me mowing above, my weight has actually dropped a little. despite the fact that I am burning fewer calories.

And finally, we did the Outer Banks Gobbler 5k on Thanksgiving morning in Nags Head, NC.  As usual we did it as a family event and had a good time - we haven't missed one yet since the event started!  A fun, if chilly, race and it's great (and a lot less work!) to watch the girls growing-up and able to run the event instead of being carried or pulled in a wagon! 

Go team!
 At least neither of them can quite beat me....      yet!

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