Monday, December 10, 2012

Why My 11 Year Old Daughter Will Soon "Chick" Me On The Run

As posted previously, we did our annual family fun run at the Outer Banks Gobbler 5K in Nags Head, NC on Thanksgiving morning.  I mentioned then that it's much easier now that our two girls can race the whole thing independently.

Thankfully I appear to still be the fastest family member over 3.1 miles, but I have a feeling that this may change soon based on some photos posted to facebook this morning by the race organizers.

Before I go on, I should probably also refer you to posts that I have made here recently about "running like a cart horse" and my need to improve my forward leg lift; strengthen my toe-off and lengthen my stride finish so as to increase my stride length slightly and decrease my contact time with the ground.

Now look at these two pictures....

 In this one, look at the great leg lift on the forward stride of the left leg.   She seems to have a really nice forward lean too and, as far as I can tell, good arm movement!

And in this one, look at the awesome finish with the left leg....  her left heel is almost kicking her own butt!

Finally, in both pictures, look at that awsome smile as she finishes the 5K in just a little over 30 minutes!

I'm completely and utterly inspired by her...   love!   :-)

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