Friday, December 14, 2012


OK, so it's time to come clean....    I have been annointed by my esteemed training buddies Compass and Rabbit with a nickname that seems to have some staying power.   No point in fighting it.....

For kicks last week I changed my facebook profile picture to this one:

Since then I have had numerous puzzled enquiries, including two people who seemed to think this is a picture of Bob Barker from The Price Is Right!   No people, this isn't Bob, this is Vidal Sassoon, the famed hairstylist and 60s style guru.  Apparently there is a certain amount of fascination with my hair......

I've always had plenty of thick hair and certain individuals are apparently marveling that it sort of looks the same after I come out of the water from a swim; take my bike helmet off after a 50 mile ride or come in sweaty from a long run.   I really don't think this is true, but who am I to argue with the ladies?  

So yes, my new monniker appears to be....   "Vidal".   What can one do?   I would certainly have preferred "Sparticus" or "Thor", but it's better than "Baldy" I guess.   One thing's for sure, my current "uber blonde" color much  more closely resembles the now departed Mr. Sassoon in this picture from later in life!

What's with this strange fascination with my freakin' follicles?   I have had people previously say that I have hair like this guy:

....and this guy:

...and my lovely wife, SWMBO, has previously compared my hair to this guy's:

So, in closing, I'll quote Jack Donaghy from 40 Rock....   "It dries like this.....".   Get over it ladies!

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