Thursday, October 4, 2012

Why Now?

My first "half ironman" 70.3 mile triathlon - the Rev3 event in Anderson, South Carolina is now just a little over a week away and, as would be expected, The Puppeteer has been ramping-up both distance and intensity of my workouts to get me ready (or, at least, as ready as possible) for the big day.   Double runs, long rides, four and a half hour brick workouts, lots of laps in the pool....   this week's training time will comfortably exceed 12 hours and, of course, I have to fit it in around family life and work.

Why? Oh why? does it seem that everytime I have an intense workout week work goes crazy and all sorts of other sh#t hits the fan?   This week has been no exception - my work load seems to have suddenly doubled (including all sorts of early and late calls), but worst of all the hot water heater in our attic chose this week to basically explode and pour water down through the walls of my daughters' bathroom and into the kitchen below!   Nightmare!  The house is full of all sorts of fans, blowers and tubing as we remediate the damp and there has been a constant stream of plumbers, other contractors and insurance adjusters calling and coming and going.  Still no hot water either!

With all of this craziness going on I was pretty proud of myself yesterday as I managed to get in two runs (8 miles at lunchtime and 4 miles on the treadmill in the evening) and an open water swim at Falls Lake early evening!   It has been a struggle, but apart from a slightly shortened bike ride earlier in the week I have still managed to hit all of my workouts and maintain a modicum of sanity without getting fired or having the family walk out on me!  Just one more day to the weekend!

Not quite over-the-edge.....  yet!

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  1. GOOD LUCK ROGER!!!!! You are so prepared, you are going to do great!