Wednesday, March 20, 2013

The Otter

So a couple of weeks back I attended an early morning One Step Beyond group swim session at Triangle Aquatic Center.   I was about half way through my main set when I noticed that The Coachman's wife (and fellow coach) Bri had arrived to join the fun.

I think I was the only one with a lane to myself (smelly?  slow?  zig-zagging?   all of the above?) so she politely asked if she could join me...   of course!

Wow...   humbling....   that lady is fast!   It wasn't long before I was being lapped, and lapped, and lapped....    she was like some sort of sleek torpedo zooming up and down the pool!

The following day I was on a ride with The Coachman and Kerry, another One Step Beyond victim athlete, and I mentioned how impressive Bri is in the pool....   "she was zooming past me like...."   at this point I struggled to come up with the right word....    " an otter!"

I meant this strictly in the sense of a sleek creature that glides effortlessly through the water at great speed, but somehow both The Coachman and Kerry found this funny and preferred to thing that I was referring to some giant, nasty, aggressive rodent!   Oh crap!   No!   Don't tell her that!

Kerry and The Coachman's interpretation.....
My version.
Anyway, as evidence that the otter is commonly thought of as a sleek, fast swimming mammal, I offer the following:

I rest my case...

Ladies and gentlemen, I give to you....  "The Otter".....

Sppedy on dry land too!


  1. I did not know this existed and am HONORED to be compared to anything that is fast in the water! You wouldn't think I was an otter at the WL sprint where I was resembling a sputtering, whiny, I don't know, Roger Lias, in the cold water. hahahahaha :P

  2. :-)

    Marty said that you had a thick pelt to keep you warm!!