Monday, April 29, 2013

Another Brick in the Wall

Yestarday saw me participate in the much anticipated "triple brick" workout with several other lunatics athletes from the One Step Beyond Racing Team.

For the unititiated, a typical "brick" workout features a bike ride followed by a quick transition into a run, thus duplicating the second transition in a race.   You will occasionally also see a swim to bike brick or a reverse run to bike workout.  This one, however, was far more daunting and a new experience for me....   a triple brick.

Here's what it looked like on paper:
  • An 18 mile bike ride
  • A 30 minute run
  • Another 18 mile bike ride
  • A 25 minute run
  • Yet another 18 mile bike ride
  • A 20 minute run
Yes.  Nothing too it, right?   :-)

Yesterday morning was showery, but I was happy that we weren't scheduled to roll out of the White Oak entrance to the American Tobacco Trail until 9 am, so at least I managed to catch-up on a little sleep after a heavy week working in all Chicago last week (including a 5K race run in lab coats, but that's another story).

I was impressed by the turn out and it was great to meet a few more members of the One Step Beyond Team.   Also good to catch-up with Audrey Schipprack, who I haven't seen since a triathlon camp last year.  I also discovered that I'm not the only Brit in the team when I met Ann (Anne?) (McDonald?) - at least there will be someone who will understand my obsure curse words and sarcastic sense of humor!

Most of the gang before we started (photo credits:  The Coachman)
The first bike loop was pretty controlled.  No one wanted to burn out too soon and there was lots of jovial banter. Cory and Daniel weren't going to be limited to just 18 mile loops though and took off for something that I think was closer to 30 miles on each loop - Oh to be that young and fit!  I did manage to do my share of "pulling" on the front and felt good about that and soon we were back and ready to head out on the first 30 min out-and-back run on the trail.   The Coachman snapped another...

Does Audrey need the potty? 
Was it sloping ground?  I'm sure I'm not that much taller than everyone else!
 The first run was fine.  As always the faster guys left me behind, but I had company and chatted as we were going along.  No issues and I felt good getting back onto the bike.

When ride two started though, the pressure began to mount.  There are some seriously fast bikers out there.  Erin and Kerry went off the front while the rest of us stayed in a pack and pulled a pretty good pace.  I forgot my Garmin, so I don't have data, but it must have been comfortably 20 mph plus. I was very pleased to be able to hang on, but my legs were feeling it a bit when we got in and let's just say that I was significantly slower on my second run!

Ready for run number two
I knew that I wasn't going to be able to "hang with the big boys and girls" on the third bike lap and the speedsters left me after only a short distance into the loop.  Never-the-less I pulled up my big boy pants and set a nice cadence, determined to ride my best.  I was happy when Audrey showed-up and we paced each other in, never let up and ultimately put up what I think a very respectable performance.

The final run was an absolute slog and I was extremely happy when I reached the ten minute mark and was able to turn for home and complete an epic training session. 

(Most of) the survivors.  The Coachman made it into this shot (who wears shades when it's raining?). 
What the heck is Kerry doing?  And is Audrey desperate for a pee again?
Overall it was a horrible experience and I can't wait to do it again!  Even more exciting, there's a whole lot more fodder for blog nicknames in the above photos!  Look out people, I'm coming for you!

Post script:   Vidal lives....     at the end of the work out a couple of the ladies gave me crap about my hair and, as far as I know, this was completely unprompted by Compass, Snort or Flipper Ass.   I guess it must be true!   :-)

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