Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Highs and Lows

Wow! Where did summer go? As I type this post (which I notice is my 200th!) it's almost September; the Junior Sassoons are back at school and I haven't made any entries to this blog for well over a month. Fear not, however, dear reader, I'm alive and well and still training hard! (Yeah, like you really care that much - if you're reading this drivel I'm assuming that you're suffering some sort of terminal insomnia or are mind crushingly bored!) :-)

I haven't raced since Ironman 70.3 Raleigh back in early June, but I have been keeping-up with The Coachman's instructions (more-or-less!) and I'm preparing for the Outer Banks Olympic Distance race on September 21st and the Beach-to-Battleship 70.3 miler in late October. Looking forward to both races immensely!

To get me back into the swing of things, here are a few highs and lows from the last couple of months of training:

High: Spending a good deal of time in Nags Head and being able to run on the beach! There's nothing quite like a barefoot run as the sun is coming up!

Low: A double flat ride that ended before it had really started.

High: Biking! I've had a bike focus over the summer and feel as if it's starting to pay off.

Low: Not having much opportunity to ride with Compass, Snort and Flipper. How I miss their bitchy banter, frequent pee stops and completely inappropriate potty humor!

High: Some really nice, steady open water swims in the ocean.

Low: Sore knees! Nothing too bad, but just a little concerning.

High: Riding with a group of experienced "roadies" and being able to keep-up!

Low: Another ride where I flatted 4+ miles from home. Changed the tire but found out that my CO2 cylinder was empty. Walked home in cleats....

High: Best workout of the year(or, maybe, ever) was when I had run about three miles up the beach early one moring and came across a huge pod of dolphin feeding in the waves very close to shore and putting on an amazing ariel display. Absolutely awe inspiring! I gave up my workout and walked/jogged as I followed them back down the beach for a couple of miles before they headed off-shore.

Now if only I could work out how to swim like they do......

Oh and one more final High: Finally getting to drop Compass on a few hills! [Sorry Compass, couldn't resist that one!] :-)


  1. Uhm, I dare say you only dropped me because I'm 13 weeks pregnant (and haven't biked for 8 of them). But kudos to you for beating the preggo. Whatever helps the ol' self esteem :)

  2. Dear reader, I was itching to talk of Compass' expanding belly, but couldn't because it wasn't public knowledge at the time. On starting the ride she mentioned that it was strange to feel her legs on her belly and then very kindly pointed out that I must experience this on every ride!!! :-)

    Congrats Compass and Mr. Compass!

  3. .....and pregnant or not, it still felt good!