Monday, June 13, 2011

Why do I feel guilty?

This whole triathlon thing is voluntary - right?   There's no one holding a gun to my head;  it's not life or death;  I'm not trying to qualify for the Olympics......    so why, oh why, do I feel so guilty if I miss a workout that The Puppeteer has scheduled?   Why do I somehow feel as if I'm letting her down?  

I had a 2.5 hour bike scheduled for yesterday, but a confluence of events involving getting kids to camp and poor SWMBO being unwell meant that I couldn't fit it in - even on the trainer.  So this morning I find myself writing a guilty message to The Puppeteer letting her know.

Of course, she's totally cool with it.  Took a look at the Training Peaks website (where all my workouts are posted) to see if anything needed changing around and basically said "don't worry about it".  Cool....   but somehow I still feel bad.  Why is that?

I guess that I can conclude two things:

1.   That working with The Puppeteer does provide a great deal of motivation and (let's hope this doesn't go to her head) I want to do well for her as well as for myself.

2.   I guess this traithlon thing really has become important to me!

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