Wednesday, August 22, 2012

A Swimming Milestone....

Well, a 1.2 milestone to be precise.....

My swim has undoubtedly improved dramatically this year:  the routine pool sessions I have been doing would have been inconceivable this time last year and I remain very comfortable in open water.  I still have to make sure, however, that I can "put it all together" for both the White Lake International (Olympic) distance race (1500 M swim) and Rev.3 South 70.3 (1.2 mile swim).

This evening (along with The Compass) I joined the Beaver Dam (Falls Lake) workout group for one of their regularly scheduled open water swims and decided that it was time to go the full 1.2 miles. 

Whaddaya know?   It was actually pretty straightforward.   I concentrated on keeping my stroke long and smooth and "went steady" (rather than try to race it) and finished in almost exactly 40 minutes.  I wore my Garmin 310xt GPS under my swim cap and it showed exactly 1.20 miles at the finish   Not even a thought of resting or switching to breaststroke!   Maybe I'm finally a swimmer?   Certainly this was a nice confidence builder for me.   I can't wait to go back and repeat it next week.

I'm a happy camper.  Now I just need to learn to do it in this type of chaos!.....   :-)


  1. Great swim last night, Rog! I see gills on you!

  2. Thanks Compass! Pleased that I was able to protect you from rabid beavers! :-)