Sunday, August 26, 2012

Name This Triathlete.....

  • She sends aggressive charging pit bulls running for cover with a single Appache-like scream
  • She warms her hands down her pants.....   in August for crying out loud!
  • She occasionally finds my jokes funny (believe me, this is rare!)
  • She can drop her chain twice within about a mile and a half
and....  best of all.....   she can inadvertently give herself a "Hitler moustache" made of chain oil and ride with it for miles, thus giving great amusement to her fellow riders!

Of course, a decent guy would have told her, but why spoil all that fun?   :-)

Yes, you've guessed it, I rode 68 plus miles with The Compass this morning and, as usual, it was greatly entertaining.  I won't even bother regaling you with the details of the giant vulture; the pack of dogs; the barnyard animal impressions....  let's just say that riding with Lindsay is always entertaining!

Thanks for coming out Compass - can we do it again soon?

Somehow I just couldn't bring myself to draw the "actual" oil moustache........

1 comment:

  1. Ok, now for the REAL story . . .
    (1) Yes, I yelled at a charging pitbull (though, looking back, I think he had an invisible fence)
    (2) My hands were freezing, but -in spite of Roger's begging- I kept my hands on the handlebars
    (3) The man was making animal noises to mimick every creature we passed. It's hard not to laugh when riding with Old McDonald
    (4) I wish the chain thing weren't true, but alas.
    (5) A wise person once said "mocking's catching!" BEWARE ;)