Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Oh, so THAT'S why I'm tired!

So I was looking at Training Peaks ( today to check out options for recording food intake (yes folks, I'm serious about getting back down to "racing weight") and just for fun I went to the dashboard and checked out my year-to-date training totals.

These are likely a slight underestimate as not absolutely every workout gets reported and this does not include walking, gym work and other "cross-training".

Bike: 2,340 miles

Run: 644 miles

Swim: 146,611 yards (or 83.3 miles)

No wonder I keep falling asleep in the chair like a sad old middle-aged man! Oh...... wait.......

It's kind of cool when you look at it like this, but I need more "TITS" (time in the saddle) next year if I'm going to improve that bike speed!

Disclaimer:  This is not actually me - Compass, Snort and Flipper will attest to the fact that I have more hair....  
otherwise it's pretty close!


  1. Got me curious as to my totals thus far in 2013 Roger:

    1,203 miles running
    113 miles swimming
    NO BIKE!

  2. Is that you Dan? That's a lot of run miles!!