Sunday, May 22, 2011

Nice Weekend!

A wonderful weekend here in central NC!  

I'm well aware that I owe race reports for both White Lake Spint Triathlon last weekend and the St, Francis Run for Peace 5K yesterday, but just wanted to comment on a really nice outing with The Snitch this morning...

The Snitch is partially responsible for getting me in to this "triathlon thing" (and she's definitely responsible for me working with The Puppeteer!) but we have never riden or run together before. 

We met this morning at 8:15 am on a sunny and warm NC morning at the White Oak parking lot on the American Tobacco Trail in Apex.  We were soon setting out on a nice 31 plus mile ride through Wake, Chatham and Durham (?) counties.  We each took turns to "pull" for 20 mins and enjoyed a nice "stretch" and a good chat between tempo efforts.  It was great to see so many other people out riding on such a nice morning.

Soon enough we were back at the parking lot and changing into our running shoes for a nice 30 min run on the American Tobacco Trail - 10 min easy; 10 min race pave and 10  in moderate.  The Snitch left me when we started race pace, but I managed to keep her within about 100 yards for the duration, which made me feel good.  By the time we got back to our cars it was getting pretty warm and very humid - we timed it well.  The noise of the cicadas was pretty impressive by the time we headed for home!

Really nice to get out there and work out with someone else for a change.  Thanks Lisa for a good session - hope we can do it again soon!

BTW, The Puppeteer seems to want me to mention the term "pace booty" in my blog, so I'm happy to oblige!

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