Monday, May 30, 2011

St. Francis 5K Run for Peace - Race Report

Just a quick write-up of this one to finally bring the blog back up-to-date....

On Saturday May 21st SWMBO and I did the St. Francis 5K Run for Peace (FS Series) - a nice local event just a couple of miles from home and one of our neighbors was an organizer.  A late "C race" addition to the schedule to get a stretch in on a warm morning.

Another surprisingly hilly course for a 5K race - if anything it was even hillier that the St. Timothy's Spring Sprint that we did in April.  Not only that, but the course was such that almost all of the last mile is up hill!

To cut to the chase I didn't "go crazy" and ran it in 24:42 (7:59 pace) to finish 54th overall and 4th in my age group (age group winner ran 21:29). 

A nice morning and fun to run with SWMBO!   :-)

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