Saturday, February 25, 2012

Exercise Junkie??

Have been "radio silent" on the blog for a while and it comes down to "just too much going on"!    This past week was a classic "perfect storm" of everything coming together at the same time...     something had to give and it was workouts!

In addition to it being winter break for my girls, I have been pulled in to a corporate acquisition diligence exercise at work that has involved spending long hours in electronic data rooms and four regularly scheduled conference calls every day.  It's an international thing, so calls have started early and finished late.  I narrowly missed having to be on a plane to Switzerland on Sunday evening.   Let's just say that it has been more than a little busy.

Although SWMBO sometimes questions it (!), I have always said that family>work>triathlon, and I stand by that, but boy is it hard sometimes.  I managed to get in just one swim early on Monday and one session on the trainer, but absolutely nothing else this week.   I guess that I'm at peace with that - I'm not training for the Olymoics after all - but it's amazing how "itchy" I have been to get out there and do something!   I guess that what they say about the endorphin rush is true - exercise has become a bit like a drug!   Can't wait to get out for a short run this morning and take the girls for a ride on the American Tobacco Trail this afternoon!

Talking about drugs, I can also give a quick update on my "give up booze and lose a few more pounds" initiative.  I started on Monday  and....   so far, so good!  Not a drop has passed my lips and, to be honest, it hasn't been much of a problem.   Have taken to drinking flavored sparkling water in the evening as a "displacement activity" for that wine glass tipping that I had become used to and I quite like it!  The only issue I'm facing is that I'm getting "the munchies" in the evening and am having to fight the urge to snack.  I have managed to win that fight so far.  I haven't seen much evidence of improvement on the scales yet, but that could well be coupled with the lack of exercise this week as detailed above!

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