Sunday, February 12, 2012

No Taunting Coach!

So I'm trying to lose a few more pounds and get down to my target "race weight" for this season.  Fitter legs carrying less weight = more speed!

I eat pretty sensibly and (obviously) work out, but I seem to have hit some kind of plateau on weight, so it's time to take it to the next level.  Workouts will ramp-up over the coming months, but in the mean time I need to cut out a few more calories....   what to do?

The very obvious target is wasted calories through alcohol.  I really enjoy my red wine and it's very easy for "just one glass" over dinner to morph in to two or three (and, OK, in the spirit of full disclosure, occasionall four or five!).  That's a lot of unnecessary calories!   There are (according to about 85 calories in a small (3.5 oz) glass of red wine and let's just say that my glasses of red wine are typically a bit more that 3.5 oz!

So.....    perhaps rashly (we'll see) I decided that I will give up alcohol for lent and see how it goes.

Bye bye red wine...

Now this is certainly not in any way a religous sacrifice (I would have to remain very alert for lightning bolts if I made that claim!).   It's just good timing and, in addition to cutting out the calories, there are a few other good reasons too:
  •   Cutting out the alcohol itself can't be a bad thing
  •   SWMBO has had to stop drinking because of a drug she is taking to prevent migraines.  I can show support or, at the very least, prove to myself that I can do it too!
So, you heard it here......   after our neighbors' awesome annual Mardi Gras party next weekend, I will go cold turkey on alcohol until Easter.   There, I said it!

But the main reason for making this post is to tell you about something The Puppeteer did yesterday.   I mentioned in a post script to an email message to her that I was thinking of doing this and her response was...

"Hahahaha, yeah right!"

What?   I call a 15 yard taunting penalty!
15 yards for taunting on The Puppeteer!

If I was wavering at all on this decision, that response sent me over the edge.  The Pupeteer will learn never, ever, ever, to challenge me by taunting.  I immediately threw out the possibility of a wager, but as yet she has been too afraid to respond.....     Game on Puppeteer!   :-)

So remember coach:




  1. Dear Roger the Lush,

    I"m not sure God cares about your sobriety during Lent. : )
    But yes, I do care about your waistline. Shall we guess that you'll be subbing in Jack Daniels? : )

  2. Not a hope...... I'll miss the wine, but this applies to ALL alcohol (and I don't drink liquor anyway!)

    What's your wager? :-)