Thursday, May 24, 2012

Progress in the Pool......

I have been working hard on my swim this year and I am definitely starting to see some significant progress.  2,900 yard swim workouts that would have been daunting a few months back now seem pretty routine.  I know that my freestyle stroke is improving and, as a result, my endurance is also getting much better.

Case-in-point....    today The Puppeteer had me scheduled for a 2,900 yard swim workout.   When I looked at the details, however, and added-up the various segments, the total was 3,700 yards....   that's more than two miles!  Could this be correct?  A quick check let me know that this was, indeed, correct (apparently they don't teach simple arithmatic at Duke!) so I "pulled on my big boy trunks" and headed to Optimist Pool.

I was pleasantly surprised by my performance - including the 3 x 500s to finish.  I felt especially long and smooth in the water for the last 500 yards, but truth-be told, this was because I slowed down and really concentrated because the local high school girls swim team arrived for their session and were watching from the bleachers!  A sad Old Geezer like me has to take motivation anywhere I can get it!  ;-)  This is probably the way the cute seventeen year olds saw me, but in my mind I was looking OK.....   

Definitely start to "feel it" and get a lot more confident in the pool.   Looking forward to an Open Water session in the Pamlico Sound on Saturday with the guys from GS-OBX triathlon group on the Outer Banks.

Also looking forward to diving into (pun intended) SheilaTaormina's new book "Swim Speed Secrets for Swimmers and Triathletes" to pick up some more tips.


  1. Love it, Rog. Your swim-success story reminded me of this commercial: