Thursday, July 5, 2012

Bloody Typical!

As often seems to be the case, my workouts leading-up to a race (Triangle Triathlon on July 14th) have been disrupted somewhat by work travel, but it seemed this time as if I was getting things back on track a couple of weeks in advance of the big day.  Swims have been pretty good; I feel as if my running legs are back under me and, after a short forced lay-off because of the travel, the bike also feels about back to normal.

I have enjoyed a couple of days at the coast for the July 4th Holiday, with a little extra time to train.  Some nice open water swims; a good long bike session and some runs...  what could possibly go wrong (apart from the ridiculous heat!)?    UGH!   Two evenings ago my throat felt a bit "scratchy" and I was concerned something was up.  Yesterday morning my stomach was a bit upset (but feeling better by lunchtime) and I was coughing slightly.  This morning I woke up completely congested and with nasty sinus discomfort and headache....    the dreaded "summer cold"....   this BLOWS!   Why, oh why, can't I have a "normal" lead-up to a race?

Not much I can do apart from suck it up and try to get better.   I have a long ride with two 10 mile time trials scheduled for today.  Hopefully I'll feel a little better this evening and at least be able to give it a try. 

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