Thursday, July 12, 2012

This Should Be Interesting

Saturday morning will see me competing in the Triangle Triathlon (sprint) organised by Set-Up Events.   I raced it last year and very much enjoyed it - I would be really looking forward to this year's event but for the fact that my training has been so disrupted by travel and illness.   I'm not exactly race ready!......

What can you do but suck it up; get out there; do your best and have fun?  

Despite my poor preparation I still think that I can go under last years time.   It's just a short event:  750M swim (in the hot, green soupy waters of Harris Lake - not too far from the nuclear power station!); 17.5 mile moderately hilly bike ride and 5k run - mostly on trails.

That water's fine I'm sure....    What could possibly go wrong?  :-)

Come on in, the water's fine....

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