Monday, February 7, 2011

Get Yer Mitts Off My Java!

So, I had a swim session with The Puppeteer yesterday.  A really useful session at the Homestead Aquatic Center in Chapel Hill.  It turns out that perhaps my freestyle isn't quite as bad as I had imagined, but I have lots of good things to work on.

Much more alarming than the swim assessment was the chat we had before starting with some stretches.  The Puppeteer came in holding a cup of coffee.....

Me:   Did you get me one?
TP:   No, do you want some of mine?
Me:  No thanks, just kidding
TP:  How many coffees do you drink a day?
Me:  I guess I pour about four good sized cups, but after the first one I rarely finish a cup before it goes cold
TP:  Make it three tops!  It interferes with your calcium absorption......

Gulp.....    do I really have to cut down on my precious coffee?  Quel horreur!

I know that The Puppeteer loves me really and has my best interests at heart (she also asked me about my sleeping; eating breakfast etc.), but my coffee.....    really?

Now we'll see how serious I really am about this whole training thing!   I have happily been prepared to cut down on the alcohol, but coffee as well?  It's just not civilized!  Cruel and unusual punishment!

Ah well, I guess I'll give it a go and keep you posted, but this one may turn into a fight.   Given that a lot of people think that all this training is "stupid", surely I should be drinking MORE coffee?.....
Did the Earth just move for you?


  1. Roger...I'm just starting some of the things you've been working on for the last couple of years. About to hit 48, so hopefully I'll be where you are when I get near 50. Anyway, these coffee graphics were funny enough to just about make me choke!! I love the bean but my lovely wife is trying to get me to cut back as part of my improved routines. So, great blog. Thanks for the posts and keep it up.

  2. Hey tsa4. Really sorry - only just noticed your comment. Appreciate you "tuning in" and good luck with the efforts to decrease the java input.

    I'm trying hard, but my success is limited so far!