Friday, February 4, 2011


Well, it's Friday night (Saturday morning actually) and I feel pretty good about my workouts this week.  Not because I ran faster, felt better or achieved some new level, but simply because I finished all of the workouts set by The Puppeteer!

It has been quite a week.....  SWMBO has been sick, meaning that I have been helping out more with school runs and so on.  On top of that it has been quite a work week - on line by 6:30 an every morning (one of the joys of working for a European company) and several late evening conference calls with Asia.  All of this on top of a work week which, for some reason, seemed busier than usual.

I didn't do all of the prescribed workouts in the planned sequence, but I did somehow manage to fit them all in.  Squeezed a couple in at lunchtimes and pulled a couple of late nighters.  I have built up to somewhere between 7.5 and 10.5 hours of training a week and have immense respect for those who put in the training hours necessary to complete "Ironman" distance while at the same time juggling busy personal and work lives.

I'm pretty tired, but at least The Puppeteer can't play the wuss card!

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