Saturday, February 5, 2011


The Puppeteer scheduled me a 1 hr 30 min run today and, despite being pretty congested and having sinus pressure (ugh!), I was actually looking forward to it.   I didn't push too hard and ran nine miles plus over very hilly terrain without any problems and was barely out of breath when I got home.  Could have comfortably gone much longer.

While I was running I reflected on what an interesting couple of years (year and a half really) it has been and how far I've come.   Nine miles on hills without blinking?  Actually looking forward to it?

I well remember, just after I got the crazy notion that I might like to try to finish the 2009 Outer Banks Half Marathon in around May of 2009, that I went for a quick run with my friend Jeff on the beach road in Nags Head.  We walked a mile north and then turned around and ran the mile back.  We completed it, but we were out-of-breath and couldn't have done much more. 

Sometimes it seems as if I'm not showing too many signs of improvement, but I guess when I stop and reflect, I realise that  I've come a long way!

When looking for a "reflection" image I came across this one.....   what is it with you ladies?  :-)

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