Thursday, July 7, 2011

Excitement, Anticipation and Trepidation....

Set-Up Events Triangle Triathlon (sprint distance) is coming-up this Sunday at Harris Lake Country Park here in the Triangle Region of NC.

Training has been going pretty well and I'm especially pleased with progress on the bike.  This will be my first race since the swim debacle at White Lake back in May (see earlier post) so I'm excited to "see what I've got"!  

I submitted my race plan to The Puppeteer yesterday.  Basically it comes down to "survive the swim; go hard on the bike and put everything you have left into te run".   Not exactly scientific, but it's a sprint distance (750 M swim; 17.5 mile bike; 5K run) so  how bad can it be?   :-)

The swim, of course, is what gives me the most pause.  I wouldn't say that I'm nervous about it, but I do have a certain amount of trepidation.   My form has undoubtedly been improving, but I'm not so sure about my freestyle stamina - we'll see.   I'm not going to beat myself up if I have to throw in intervals of breaststroke, but (unlike White Lake) I am going to make sure that it's good, strong breast stroke!   The water will be too warm for this to be a wetsuit legal race, so that should help!   If I can finish middle of the pack in my age group for the swim I will be happy.

Hopefully this won't have to become standard issue for future open water swims!....   positive thoughts!  :-)

The bike course is described as "rolling", which I think plays into my strengths, so hopefully I can put in a good performance.

The run?....   well, it's the run.....    I'm getting faster, but I'm no gazelle.  I need to tough it out and keep run cadence high.  Find some targets and try to run them down.  It's going to be hot and humid, so I'll need some mental toughness here.  

Will keep you posted.

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