Friday, July 15, 2011

Flying the Flag and Curt Schilling Impressions

At my swim session this morning The Puppeteer delivered me my new Triangle Multipsports triathlon top, whic goes with the shorts that arrived a few weeks back, so from now on I will be "flying the flag" at my upcoming events.

SWMBO made fun of me for having my name plastered across my butt, but what the heck! 

As a huge Red Sox fan who still has very fond memories of 2004 I also need to post this picture...

At the Triangle Tri this past weekend I ran (and biked) without socks to shave a few extra seconds in T2.  The bike was fine, but I got a pretty good rub on my heels during the run and after the 4 miler I did yesterday I was proud to be sporting a "Curt Schilling"!   Go Sox.

In future I need to spread Bodyglide on my heel and inside my shoe before I start!

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