Friday, August 26, 2011

Just Because....

It has been a pretty stressful week....

Worrying about what Hurricane Irene will do to our property on the Outer Banks
Crazy busy and long hours at work
Two heavily "over scheduled" daughters on their first full week back at school
Generally keeping house and home together

....and, not being able to keep up with the training schedule prescribed by The Puppeteer!

For the first time ever this week I had to call "no mas" and ask Stacey if I could take a short break.  Of course she was completely cool about it (and it may actually have helped her as the poor thing is going in for foot surgery today!) but for a while I was kind of mad at myself.

Once I settled down a bit I realised that it's not a disaster and that it may actually be good to give my legs a rest for a while, but there must be some truth in that thing about endorphin addiction, because this morning I could stand it no longer and had to get out for a short run.

It was actually nice to get out there "just because" with no prescribed distance or pace or intervals.   Just run...     I did wear my Garmin, but I turned it upside down on my wrist and didn't look at it once.  I did a little under four miles at a pretty slow pace, but I don't care.   I waved to a couple of neighbors; listened to the birds singing; ran on grass as much as I could and chased a couple of squirrels.  

It's amazing what slowing down, smelling a few roses and taking even a short run can do for you.   Life really isn't so very bad....  

Just Because...

Normal service will be resumed as soon as possible!

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