Thursday, August 25, 2011

A Perfect Storm (and no, it's not Irene!)

Ugh!   A very frustrating week so far with respect to my training schedule....    work seems to be getting in the way of life!

Of course I shouldn't complain - I'm gainfully employed and it's an exciting time for our company, but I seem to have hit a "perfect storm" this week and am having to put in some very long hours, including early morning and late night conference calls with Europe and Asia.   The net result?   My training has fallen apart and I have had to declare "no mas" and ask The Puppeteer for a pass this week.  First time this has happened and I'm frustrated!  Outer Banks Tri is coming-up in early September but I'm just going to have to accept that I'll be going in "sub optimal" (that is, of course, if there are any Outer Banks left after Hurricane Irene does her things - another source of stress as we have property down there!).

Things aren't going to get any easier between now and the end of September as I have work travel plans scheduled for, wait for it....

New Jersey (twice)
Massachusetts (twice)
Southern California
South Korea

during that period!   The only positive that I can take out of it is that tri season will be over for me after the Outer Banks event and I will be moving to a run focus in preparation for the OBX Half Marathon in November and at least running straightforward when you are "on the road" compared to bike and swim!

Go away Irene!

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