Monday, August 29, 2011

A Funk of Major Proportions!

The Triathlon Gods are against me!   What have I got to do to get my training back on track?

So after last weeks "high stress" days of long work hours and preparing for Hurricane Irene (which, thankfully, spared our property at the coast - we dodged a bullet!) I was very keen to get back into a training rhythm and see whether some rest had done me some good.......    apparently not!

I went for scheduled short easy run this morning (only 30 mins) and it felt like running in concrete - I just had nothing in the tank.   Not only that, but something "tweaked" on the outside of my left ankle at one point.  I stopped and shook it out; walked for a minute and then resumed without feeling it any more.  However....   this afternoon I feel it twinge every time I start to walk after having sat for a while.  I'm hoping it is nothing...
I was also scheduled for a 3,000 yard swim session today.  Our local (outdoor) pool is now only opening at 4 pm weekdays as the season starts to wind down.   It has been a beautiful day here, so I was actually looking forward to it.  I duly got myself ready to leave (the pool is only about five minutes away) and was headed to my car when out of nowhere... KA-BOOM!  An enormous clap of thunder, followed by several more.   I beat a hasty retreat to check the local radar and, sure enough, a huge dark red storm was taking aim at our house.  Three hours later, as I type this, thunder is still crashing and lightning flashing - no swimming for me!  The storm was actually pretty epic, including some pretty large hail.  While most was pea sized, there were a few significantly bigger ice chunks - perhaps even quarter sized. 

Everything was going so well and suddenly it's all going "pear shaped"!  Add in some less than stellar sleep patterns recently and all of the travel coming up in the comiing weeks and I'm not feeling all that optimistic!

This is getting out of control and very frustrating!  Time to HTFU and get back on the horse (ankle allowing!)

I've Fallen and I can't Get Up!

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