Friday, November 4, 2011

My New Mistress.....

I was excited to see the FedEx truck pull up the driveway today, because I knew that inside was the new love of my life.....    no, not the delivery driver (although she was pretty cute!), my new Cannondale Slice 3 Ultegra!

She was very neatly packed.....

But I soon had her ready for assembly.....

Shimano Ultegra components, except for the carbon cranks.

Vision aerobars

Fiz'ik saddle

I soon had her "roughly" assembled (I need to go and see Matt - the Cycle Surgeon for a fitting ASAP) but I can't wait to ride her, but have to wait until I get some new pedals - You can be sure that I'll be heading out to get some tomorrow!

SWMBO has already realised that she has competition for my affections and has named her.....  "The Slut!"  :-)

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