Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Introducing..... "The Compass"

OK, so it's been a while since I introduced a new charachter to the blog to join She Who Must Be Obeyed; The Puppeteer; The Snitch: The Dominatrix and The Beast (unless, of course, you count The Slut, but she's made of carbon and doesn't really count) so it's time to introduce......   ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls.....     her sense of direction and spatial awareness are legendary on several continents.....   I give to you......    wait for it.......   The Compass!

This is the first time that a blog character has come up with their own name.   I really didn't want to allow this too happen, but in this case "The Compass" is perfect!

The Compass is another one of The Puppeteer's athletes who, in real life, goes by Lindsay and, let's just say, she has quite the reputation for getting lost on rides and generally not being able to find her way out of a paper bag!    Other athletes quivver with fear when they hear that they have to ride with Lindsay.   Most pack extra food and a tent and the sensible ones bid goodbye to their loved ones knowing that they are going to be gone some time and that it may be weeks before they return.  Extra life insurance is advisable and sales of flares and GPS tracking events have skyrocketed locally.

The way The Compass sees life.....
 Well, the day finally had to come and on Sunday I was scheduled for a 2.5 hour ride with The Compass and The Snitch.   Being a sensible fellow, I volunteered to plan the route and ensured that it would commence at my house.   Somewhat surprisingly The Compass found the house with the aid of a GPS app on her phone and made it on time.   Her reputation was soon validated though when, after coming in for a chat before we set off. she was unable to find her way out of our kitchen!   Not a promising start....

Thankfully The Snitch and I were able to tie string to the back of the Compass' bike and prevent her from going too far off the beaten path and we enjoyed a nice (but chilly) forty plus mile ride around the north side of Falls Lake, up to Creedmoor and back before spending some time back in the kitchen chatting with SWMBO, drinking coffee and trying to warm-up!

The compass, smiling because (a) she's relieved to be back in the warm, and (b) she's completely incredulous that we completed the ride in less than three days and that no helicopter assistance was required.....

Joking aside, The Compass is a lot of fun and I hope that The Puppeteer schedules more joint workouts.   She's also an awesome athlete, having recently finished her first Ironman event in Florida!
Welcome to the blog Compass!


  1. Ha! Thanks for the warm welcome, Rogah. I would have posted sooner but - as expected - it took me awhile to find this site. No surprise! :)

  2. Ha Ha! I'll try to be nice until I know you a little better Lindsay, but you will become "fair game" at some point! R. :-)