Sunday, December 18, 2011

The Team....

At a Christmas party yesterday someone told me that they enjoy reading this blog (and that I had inspired him to start working out, which is nice!) but that he couldn't quite work out who all the characters are, so I promised him this update - here goes.....

First, and most importantly, my lovely wife who puts up with all of my crap; supports my crazy training and is the most wonderful Mom to our two lovely daughters.    Ladies and gentlemen......  "She Who Must Be Obeyed" ("SWMBO"):

SWMBO - for anyone who is wondering, the name comes from the late John Mortimer's Rumpole of the Bailey books
Next up, of course, is "The Puppeteer" - my wonderful coach and all round good egg Stacey Richardson http://www.tristacey,com/ :

Finishing strong!

 Next up!    That would have to be "The Snitch" - fellow victim of The Puppeteer, friend and awesome short course triathlete.  She's heading to Nationals next year!  The name comes from her propensity for ratting me out to The Puppeteer if I don't train properly, eat a doughnut or otherwise stray from the path!

Get out of my way!

While on the subject of fellow victims and awesome triathletes, here's the recently introduced "Compass" looking far too happy as she competes at Ironman Florida a few weeks back:

Looking waaaaay too cool considering that she still has a full 26.2 mile marathon yet to run!

Now onto some the invaluable folk who help keep me running, both literally and figuratively.

First TRX expert, fitness trainer extraordinaire and good friend Kim....   The Dominatrix:

She may look as if butter wouldn't melt....  but she can punish you!

OK, waaaay too many ladies, so next let's introduce the guy who keeps our bikes running and makes sure that they fit us properly....   Matt, "The Surgeon"....

Sure he's not as cute as the rest of them, but he's cool!
Who else?   Oh yes, Holly....   "The Beast", who does deep tissue massege.  Unfortunately I don't have a picture, but you'll have to take my word for the fact that she's five foot nothing and about a hundred pounds of pure evil!

Finally, at least for now, the latest addition to the stable.....  "The Slut":


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