Sunday, December 4, 2011

Back in the Saddle..... and Right Back Out Again!

Since I did the Outer Banks Half Marathon in mid November I have been on a hiatus from serious training.  A few weeks of downtime; resting tired muscles and, yes, becoming a little slack on nutrition.

The plan was to start training on Dec 1st (Thursday), but work travel got in the way, so we delayed until this weekend.

Yesterday I went for a 32 mile ride on The Slut.   First longer ride on her and it felt pretty good.  I could tell that I hadn't done any longer rides for a while, but I was happy to be out on a sunny (but chilly) morning and to get some more "saddle time" to get the feel of riding the new bike.  The ride was scheduled by The Puppeteer as "easy/moderate", so I stayed "on the small ring" and kept high cadence over a rolling circuit around Falls Lake.   Also tried to spend as much time as possible on the aerobars.   It was pretty windy, so tough to make any judgements about how fast I am on The Slut, but I can say that I felt faster than when on my road bike when "cruising" at low effort/high cadence and that she also seems faster when free-wheeling and descending.  Fun!

This morning there was a group run workout scheduled at UNC in Chapel Hill.  Another chilly morning (judging by the way The Snitch was dressed you would think it was fifty below!) but The Puppeteer and coach Marisa Carter soon had everyone warming-up with some laps before we worked on wall drills and high strides as food for thought during the workout.

Scene of the crime...

After another few 400 M laps it was time for the drills.   200/600/1200 ladders with The Puppeteer leading and calling splits and Marisa videoing and looking at run gait.

The first 200 felt pretty good until I finished, when I could feel my right calf slightly.   Nothing to worry about - just keep going...    Unfortunately by the time I was about 300 m into the first 600 I knew that I was in trouble - my right calf felt like a brick!   I had to stop and walk in.   I stretched out a bit, but it was immediately clear that my day was done, so I had to watch as most of the others finished their sets.  

I'm bummed!   As I type this a few hours later it's still very sore and I'm limping pretty badly.  Ugh!   Not a good way to start the new training season!   Ice; compression gear and rest are the prescription.   Hopefully nothing too serious!

Post workout stretches....  The Puppeteer shows that she still has it despite recent foot surgery

Lili Fernandez stretching 'em out

I put this one in as it shows The Snitch gassing in the background while everyone else stretches!  :-)

That's better Snitch....   stretching with Marisa.   Nice gloves! 

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  1. Took the family to a concert at the RBC Center this afternoon.... I was limping so badly when we went in that they offered me a wheelchair!!!