Tuesday, November 2, 2010

The Torture Chamber

A while back I posted about my new bike trainer being an instrument of torture somewhat akin to the rack that was used in Medieval times.  While I'm not going to start my serious winter bike program until after I've finished the OBX half marathon on Nov. 14th, I have learned to quite enjoy some sessions on the trainer.

I have it set-up in the spare room over my workshop that doubles as a work out room.

A few things to note....    Firstly, you tend to really work up a sweat on the trainer.  Much more so than you do out on the road, because you don't have a constant 20 mph ish breeze coolong you down when you're static.  You can't see it in the pictures, but the bike is directly under a ceiling fan.  More importantly, I bought a cheap window fan which does a nice job of pulling-in cool air from outside.  A towel is a must!

The television isn't yet hooked-up, but it does get tedious on some of the longer sessions, so I'm planning on buying a cheap DVD player.  There are some good motivational DVDs such as the "Spinnervals" series. 

Hopefully I'll be spending many hours over the winter prepping for next season.  I really need to gain some minutes on the bike if I want top be competitive in my age group.

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