Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Earlier this week I was lucky enough to be invited out for a ride with The Puppeteer and two other lady victims (thanks Amy and Caroline for putting up with me!).  A nice but very chilly 25 miler in the Jordan Lake area, including the well known (at least locally) hill on Lystra Road.  I was amused that some wag had sprayed "Col de Lystra" on the road at the bottom!

The Puppeteer got to take a look at my riding technique and made some good observations.  On the plus side, she said that I did well in the group; put in a strong effort etc.    On the slightly more concerning side, she seemed to be comparing me to a well known fictional character who spent a good deal of his life in a bell tower at Notre Dame in Paris!  My arms are too rigid and I don't have enough flex when I ride.  I am too rigid in the upper back and need to engage my core more.  Hands need to "float" on the handlebars.  Lots to work on - hopefully The Puppeteer can be my Esmerelda and rescue me from such bad habits!

One suggestion was to ride with no hands on the trainer occasionally.  This will take me back.....  when I was at school in rural south west England many moons ago I used to take pleasure in being able to ride the entire five plus miles to school without ever touching the handlebars (it should be noted that my route comprised very sparsely traveled back roads and a very large park!).

Ah well, Quasimodo it is!

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