Monday, January 24, 2011


Had a new experience over the weekend as She Who Must Be Obeyed and I headed to our friend Kim's house (yes, that's the same Kim who ran the OBX Half Marathon with me) to try out TRX ( which is becoming a very popular workout.  It's a system which was apparently developed for US Navy Seals to allow them to train "anywhere" and involves using straps suspended from the ceiling, a door frame, a post or any sturdy object.  You use your own body weight to add difficulty.

Kim, who will henceforth for the purposes of this blog be known as "The Dominatrix", is a very experienced fitness trainer and has set-up her own business SimPly Fit in North Raleigh, and has set-up a nice home studio in her garage.!/pages/SimPly-Fit-North-Raleigh/171792799531943 

An interesting experience and I really enjoyed it.  The straps are used at varying lengths and you both hold on to them with your hands and support your feet in them for various exercises.  Makes things more challenging and the added need for "balance" on many exercises takes it up another notch again.  I'm not generally highly motivated by core work, so I'm going to start working with Kim on a regular basis.  As extra motivation, I learned that SWMBO can hold kick-ass planks!  I'm not sure if she could have out lasted me because The Dominatrix called time after 60 secs., but I suspect that she can! 

In other news I learned that a certain well known local triathlete has a penchant for doing TRX in her nightwear, and I saw photos to prove it!   :-)

Here are a few pics.....

Getting Started

The Domanatrix adding some support

SWMBO & The Domanatrix at the gun show!

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  1. Cracking up, Roger! Love your Blogs. My abs are sore from our workout, and I didn't work out nearly as hard as you and SWMBO! I hope you're feeling the after-burn!