Saturday, January 15, 2011

Updated 2011 Race Calendar; Dogs, Pigeons and Lizards. The World Turns……..

So I had a huge birthday back in September and (don’t tell anyone) She Who Must Be Obeyed also has a big birthday coming up.  To celebrate we’ve decided to head out for a romantic getaway to London and Paris (well, as romantic as you can get with 9 and 7 year olds in tow!).   What does this have to do with triathlon?   Well, not a huge amount other than the fact that the trip will fall right when peak training should be taking place for my previously scheduled “A” Olympic distance race – Over The Mountain at the end of May.


Changes are already afoot for my 2011 race calendar!  Here goes:

April 9th I have added the Cary Short Course Dualthlon (C) (run, bike, run for the uninitiated). Cary, NC

May 15th I have added the White Lake II Sprint Distance Triathlon (B).  White Lake, NC.

I have scrapped the Over The Mountain Olympic Distance Race in late May and replaced it with:

June 18th Bandits Challenge Olympic Distance Triathlon (A) Wilkesboro, NC. 

I  think that I actually like this schedule better!   Updated web links in the right hand column.

In other news, the Puppeteer  managed to sneak some yoga in to the end of a recent strength workout.  This is new territory for me, so I had to look up “the pigeon”; “the lizard” and "the downward dog".  I doubt that I looked very serene or “zen like”, but I gave them my best shot.   Hommmmmmmm!



Downward Dog:

Which does have its risks.......

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