Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Resolutions?... I Don't Need No Stinkin' Resolutions!

When I got to the office yesterday someone asked me if I had made any New Year's resolutions.  The truth is that with the lifestyle changes that I have been trying to make recently and the training I have been doing, I didn't even think about any resolutions.  I have enough things to try to keep up with as it is!

Anyway, in the interests of tradition, I thought that I would re-visit the pledge "not to be a Homer" that I made in a blog post back in October or November sometime.  Here goes:

Firstly, for The Puppeteer, I promise to "be coachable" and offer blind faith as if you're some type of Triathlon Sun Goddess (did I get that right Stacey?  :-)  )

Now my Homer resolutions:

1.  I will eat breakfast.  I have been doing well on this one and award myself an "A".  Meusli and Greek Yoghurt with honey are becoming favorites.  Will keep it going.

2.   Get more sleep.  This one has been going reasonably well (but the holidays and college bowl season have tested my resolve to go to bed earlier!).  I give myself a "B+"

3.   Cut down on the alcohol.   I guess this could be modified to read "less calories from alcohol".   This one is more of a challenge as I love my red wine in the evenings and it's too easy to pour "just one more".   Never-the-less, I have been working on it and give myself credit for not having over-imbibed during the New Year Glogfest celebrations down on the coast this past week.   Score me a "B" so far.

Don't Be a Homer!


  1. All of these just seem like silly resolutions. What would be the point?

  2. love it! nice undies, too!!