Tuesday, December 14, 2010

I'm a beee-atch!

The Puppeteer told me that I'm "Lisa's Bitch", so it must be true.....    :-)

Yes, it's official, I have apparently become The Snitch's bitch.  How did this happen I hear you ask.  How did you get smacked down so hard that you're totally and utterly "owned" by a petite blonde lady who looks as if butter wouldn't melt in her mouth?

Well....   I don't actually think I did, but the female triathlon mafia are gannging-up on me.  They must feel threatened.....   (OK, OK, I can dream!).

On Sunday The Puppeteer set The snitch and me identical workouts on the bike trainer.  We were originally going to try to meet to do it together, but this didn't work out because it's so ridiculously busy over the holiday season.  The workout as originally described called for a 15 min warm up at high cadence (~95 rpm) followed by three 12 min threshold sets with six mins easy in between each.  The last minute of each set was to be at "sprint" pace.  Once these intervals were complete we were to continue to ride easy to a total of 1 hr 45 mins (mind numbingly tedious unless you have good music to listen to or something to watch - I went for Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban!)

Subsequent to the original workout being posted on Training Peaks, The Puppeteer sent me a message that said (to my way of reading it at least) to stop after 90 mins instead of 105 mins, so that's what I did.  The workout basically went well, although I repeated it today and managed a more elevated heart rate - I guess I didn't push as hard as I could have on Sunday.  Both days it was a "sweatfest"

Somewhere down in Morrisville, NC The Snitch was doing the same workout (no doubt in her matching pink shorts and top) while eating bon bons; filing her nails; planning her week; writing to Santa and negotiating world peace, but she didn't get the memo about stopping at 90 mins and dutifully finished the full 1 hr 45 mins.  I'm pretty sure that it was because she's scared of me...   OK, maybe not.....   there I go playing in the self amusement park again!

Anyway, to cut what is becomming a very long story short, after we both dutifully reported our stats to The Puppeteer I received a torrent of abuse (OK, OK, some sacrastic emails) from the aforementioned Triathlon Divas, stating among other things that I had obviously become "Lisa's Bitch" for only doing 90 minutes!    While I guess that I can think of worse things to be, I definitely didn't apply for that position!

All in good fun of course (and I have absolutely no doubt that The Snitch can kick my tail in every discipline except drinking in the bar afterwards - and perhaps that too?) but I will use this as motivation and payback will indeed, be a......  (delete as you see fit)

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