Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Doh! I'm an Idiot!

Went for a 5k run this morning and was really sluggish over the second half.    I guess I could blame residual jet lag from last weeks business trip, but it's much more likely because I stayed-up late last night watching recorded sit coms with She Who Must Be Obeyed; drank the best part of a bottle of wine and then was stupid enough to stay up even later to watch the end of the meaningless (to me at least) Monday Night Football game between the Giants and the Cowboys (OK, I admit it, a small part of me does enjoy watching the Cowboys struggle!).  Basically I'm becoming a Homer....

Why do I do this?   I'm an idiot!   Time to set and adopt some new mid week life rules to cover Monday through Thursday (I'm not a complete masochist - weekends are sacred!).

Here goes.  New Rules:

1.   EAT BREAKFAST!    I often skip breakfast, which is just ridiculous!

2.   GO TO BED EARLIER!   There's really no reason to be staying up until midnight.

3.   NO ALCOHOL (unless we have guests!).  There's really no reason to chug a bottle of wine just because it's Tuesday!

Time to stop being a Homer!   As added incentive on rule number three I think I'll get a jar and everytime I successfully go an evening without drinking I'll add the price of a half bottle of wine or three beers to it.  All proceeds go towards new winter work out gear.

I'll report back on progress!


  1. One day in. No wine. In bed by 10:30 pm. $5 in the jar!

  2. Way to go Roger. Sleep is an important part of your training regimen! Alcohol puts on weight, undesirable after affects. Come on man - you've got a half marathon coming up!!!!!!

    Try replacing the alcohol with ....sex :)