Sunday, October 17, 2010

Uh oh!

Went out this morning for a run intending to do about nine miles.  Took one of my normal routes around Virgil Road in east Durham County.  Hilly but not as steep as my regular 5k hill loop.

Everything went well for the first four miles - crusing along at around 9:30 pace and enoying the sunshine and the scenery.  For some reason though somewhere during mile five my legs just decided that they didn't want to go anymore.  I had been drinking Accelerade and had a Hammer Gel at mile four, so it wasn't lack of fuel.  Lungs also felt good - it was just my legs!  Shortened the route slightly and kept going slowly to finish about eight miles, but was at 11 min plus pace when I finished - ugh!  Heart rate was only in the 155-160 range, so plenty left in the tank.

The only thing I can think of is that the bike workout that I did on the trainer yesterday took more out of me than I realised. 

On the plus side I did keep going and ran for a total of 1 hr. 17 mins, but it's disappointing.

I head to Europe on business this evening - will be taking my workout gear, but maybe it's a good excuse to give the legs a bit of a rest?

Todays wildlife count:  a wild turkey; a small eastern box turtle; more squirrels than you can count, a nice wood duck family and a large black snake of some sort.  No deer, which is very unusual! (oh, and I can add a possum if roadkill counts!)

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