Friday, September 24, 2010


I have been in Providence, Rhode Island Mon - Thurs this week attending a conference/tradeshow.  I awarded myself two days rest after the tri on Sunday but with all good intentions I took my running gear with me and thought that I would, at the very least, use the hotel gym to spin on the bike and put in 10 k on the treadmill.  So much for that......     I was a lazy lard ass and didn't do a single work out.  I did manage to eat pretty well given the smorgasbord of opportunities that was laid out in front of me, but I did also succomb to a few too many of these.....

I was pleasantly surprised to see that I didn't put on a couple of pounds!  Not going to beat myself up too badly - let's just call it four days rest and recocery.

Anyway, today it was time to "get back on my bike", both literally and figuratively, so I went for a nice 12 mile spin this morning and averaged 17.5 mph over some rolling terrain.  Kept one gear lower than needed to "spin out" the legs a litt;e.  Felt good!

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