Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Kind of pleased with myself....

First post in a few days.  Things have been busy at work and, of course, I'm coming off the gum surgery and wisdom teeth extraction.  It all seems to have gone very well and, thankfully, I have suffered little discomfort.

The toughest thing was staying on the "liquid only" diet for four days.  I was a bit concerned that it would mess-up my training, but I'm pleased with the way I managed things.  I ran on the morning of the surgery (now six days ago) and then obviously rested that afternoon.  The nurse said no exercise for 48 hours and She Who Must Be Obeyed (with very good intentions for my well being) made me stick to it.  I switched my rest day to the day after surgery and then the following day, once 48 hours was up, I headed to the pool in the evening.  As it happened, I hadn't realised that it was closed for maintenance so a little extra rest was imposed!  By the weekend I was back up to a normal routine - 10 k run on Saturday at moderate pace and a beautiful 42 mile ride around Falls Lake on Sunday morning - one of my longest so far and it felt good!

During the liquid food phase I survived pretty well on a mixture of Ensure, high protein shakes, V8 fusion, Accelerade, EnduRx iced coffee (oh yes, and it was a good excuse for a few extra beers!).  My biggest concern was keeping my calorific intake high enough, but it seems to have worked out.  Now back onto "soft" solid food, which is a relief, especially with the OBX sprint event coming up on Sunday.  The only real torture of the whole "wisdom teeth episode" has been having to attend friends annual "Pig Pickin'" event and not being able to partake in the yummy food!   A huge plus is that as part of that same event friends from the DC area visited and surprised me with a new Ascent fluid bike trainer for a belated 50th birthday present - awesome!   More on that later, along with some pictures once I rescue my camera battery from where I carelessly left it plugged into the wall - perhaps senility is creeping in?

Oh yes, and a possible extra benefit of the whole thing?  Weight down to 198 lbs.

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