Saturday, September 18, 2010

Delta Triathlon

As a result of my increasing fixation on triathlon and endurance training I have spent a lot of time online recently lurking in forums, reading articles and so on.  It's apparent that the Triangle area of North Carolina has very active triathlon and biking communities.  One of the groups that caught my attention a while back is a club called Delta Triathlon, which is sponsored by Inside Out Sports in Cary and, therefore, also goes by IOSDT.  It's an open club of like minded individuals (some even as old as me!) and offers benefits such as training sessions; access to coaching; discounts from Inside Out Sports and, importantly, social get togethers at local establishments dedicated to providing liquid beverags of the adult kind!

A few days back I took the plunge and sent an email to founder/organizer Todd Spain.  I was incredibly impressed that Todd called me back personally to tell me all about the club.  Based on that alone I signed-up, so I'm now officially a member of a triathlon club!   As part of the very reasonable membership fee you get a very nice package of goodies.  Todd encouraged me to hustle on down to IOS to pick up my package, as if you wear the tri shirt during a race you can enter a picture into a drawing to win a sweet tri bike.  I dutifully headed over to Cary to pick up my swag.   Here it is:

A sweet tri shirt (Sugoi); a long sleeved T-shirt and two water bottles.  Nice! (and easily worth the membership price!).  I will wear it tomorrow and hope that it brings me luck!

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